Fire Risk Assessment in Cumbria: A Case Study at Traybake Ltd by Safety Inspectors UK Ltd

July 30, 2023by admin0

Located in Cumbria’s heart, Traybakes Ltd is a leading food manufacturing plant that has shown an outstanding commitment to fire safety. Recently, our team at Safety Inspectors UK Ltd conducted a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment in Cumbria at their facility. This case study sheds light on our process and emphasises the vital role of annual reviews in fire safety management.

Traybakes Ltd has demonstrated an exemplary approach to fire safety in Cumbria. Their diligent record-keeping, routine testing regimes, and clear commitment to fire safety training and procedures highlight the company’s robust fire safety culture.

During our Fire Risk Assessment in Cumbria at Traybake Ltd, we collaborated with the company’s fire safety officer to conduct an in-depth review of the entire facility. We examined all potential risk areas and scrutinised their existing fire safety protocols. Despite Traybakes Ltd’s commendable safety practices, our inspection identified opportunities for further improvement, reinforcing their commitment to safety.

Our work at Traybakes Ltd underscores the value of independent and regular Fire Risk Assessments in Cumbria. These reviews help businesses anticipate and manage potential fire risks arising from changes in the building’s layout, introduction of new machinery, or staffing changes.

At Safety Inspectors UK Ltd, we are proud to contribute to the safe operation of businesses like Traybakes Ltd. We are dedicated to providing expert Fire Risk Assessment services in Cumbria, helping your business thrive in a safe and secure environment.

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