SG Petch and Safety Inspectors UK Ltd: Electrifying Safety Standards with BYD in Darlington

March 12, 2024by admin0

A Groundbreaking Alliance for a Safer Future

Safety Inspectors UK Ltd is delighted to celebrate over a year of robust partnership with SG Petch, a family-run multi-franchised car dealership renowned across the North East of England, including Darlington, Durham, Middlesbrough, Richmond, Sunderland, and York. Our shared commitment to health and safety excellence is at the forefront of our efforts as SG Petch takes a monumental step by introducing BYD vehicles, the pioneers of electric mobility, to their Darlington showroom.

SG Petch: Leading the Electric Revolution from Darlington

SG Petch, with its rich heritage of serving the automotive needs of the community since 1977, is once again setting the pace in the industry by being the one of the first to bring BYD’s innovative electric vehicles (EVs) to the UK market. Situated in Darlington, the SG Petch BYD showroom is a beacon of the automotive future, offering a range of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) that promise to redefine eco-friendly transportation.

BYD Vehicles: A New Era of Green Mobility

As the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, surpassing giants like Tesla, BYD’s entry into the SG Petch portfolio marks a significant stride towards sustainable driving solutions. Known for their cutting-edge battery technology and commitment to reducing carbon emissions, BYD vehicles available at the Darlington showroom represent the perfect synergy of innovation and environmental stewardship.

Safety Inspectors UK Ltd: Elevating Health and Safety Across SG Petch Sites

Over the past year, Safety Inspectors UK Ltd has been instrumental in managing and enhancing health and safety protocols across all SG Petch sites, including the pioneering BYD showroom in Darlington. Our expertise in comprehensive risk assessments, safety consultancy, and end-to-end facilities management ensures a secure environment for SG Petch employees and customers alike, as they explore the next generation of automotive excellence.

Driving Forward with Confidence and Sustainability

The partnership between Safety Inspectors UK Ltd and SG Petch, especially in the context of introducing BYD vehicles in Darlington, epitomizes our mutual dedication to pioneering safe and sustainable solutions in the automotive sector. As we continue to support SG Petch in their mission to lead the electric vehicle revolution, our commitment to advancing health and safety practices remains unwavering, promising a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable future for all.


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