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Straight Talk on Ladder Safety

Ladders: Every industry uses them, yet the knowledge gap in their safe handling is alarmingly wide. Enter our newest addition to the health and safety suite—the Ladder Safety course. It’s more than just a tutorial; it’s a lifeline for anyone climbing the rungs in their professional role, especially crucial for those in supervisory positions.

The Core of the Course

Starting with the legalities that frame ladder safety, we delve into the essence of what it means to use a ladder responsibly. The course is a deep dive into inspection protocols—highlighting what a ‘competent person’ looks for in a ladder check, the varieties of ladders you’ll encounter, and their appropriate applications.

Understanding when, where, and how to securely use a ladder is just the start. We’ll also cover the common blunders that even seasoned professionals make—errors that can lead to accidents, or worse.

Who Should Climb Aboard

Targeted at a broad audience, from site supervisors in Durham’s construction scenes to managers overseeing retail stockrooms, this course is essential. Its design recognises the universal use of ladders across industries, equipping you with the knowledge to elevate safety standards in any setting.

Beyond the Basics

Upon completing this 28-minute course, participants will not only grasp the laws governing ladder safety but will also learn to identify the right ladder for the job, conduct thorough inspections, and understand the dos and don’ts of ladder use.

For those looking to broaden their safety expertise, this course serves as a stepping stone to further training in working at heights, safety fundamentals, and personal protective equipment (PPE). It also opens pathways to leadership and risk assessment courses for supervisors keen on advancing their safety leadership skills.

Why Choose This Course?

In a world where time is a premium, the flexibility of our online training allows you to integrate this crucial learning into your busy life seamlessly. This isn’t just about meeting safety standards; it’s about fostering a culture of awareness and prevention.

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