Asbestos in Makeup: What You Need to Know

July 1, 2024by admin0

When you think of asbestos, your mind probably jumps to old buildings, shipyards, or construction sites. The last place you’d think of is your makeup bag. But guess what? That nude eye-shadow palette or peachy blush could be harboring a deadly secret: asbestos in makeup.

Asbestos in Makeup? You Bet.

Hundreds of British women are suing major cosmetic companies in the US, claiming their beauty products gave them mesothelioma, a ruthless and incurable cancer. The culprit? Talcum powder, a common ingredient in cosmetics. Talc, mined from clay deposits, can contain asbestos fibers. Yes, the same asbestos that’s been banned in building materials for decades.

The Big Brands’ Big Denial

Big-name brands like Estée Lauder, Clinique, and Bobbi Brown assure us their products are asbestos-free. They claim rigorous testing and safety evaluations. But here’s the kicker: asbestos isn’t evenly distributed in talc, making it incredibly tough to detect.

Hannah Fletcher found this out the hard way. In 2016, she was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma. After exhaustive treatments and a biopsy, the shocking discovery was made: asbestos fibers in her tissue. The source? Her childhood exposure to makeup and talc, and her own later use of these products.

Fighting for Justice

Hannah didn’t take it lying down. With her solicitor, she sued the big cosmetic companies in the US. Why the US? Because getting compensation for mesothelioma in the UK is nearly impossible unless it’s work-related. Her case settled out of court in 2023, setting a precedent for others.

The Cold Hard Truth

Research is piling up against the cosmetics industry. Studies show asbestos in cosmetic talc, yet the industry keeps dodging the bullet with less sensitive tests. The safest method, transmission electron microscopy, isn’t widely used. Instead, companies rely on X-ray diffraction, which can miss low levels of asbestos. “No detectable asbestos” is not the same as “asbestos-free.”

Time for a Change

Safer alternatives like cornstarch exist, and some brands are switching over. But many mainstream products still use talc. It’s time we demanded better. Scan those labels like your life depends on it—because it just might.

Your Health, Your Choice

Ask yourself: Do you really want to use makeup that could expose you to asbestos? For many, the answer is a resounding no. Let’s make informed choices and push for change.

Stay Protected

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