The Future of AFFF Extinguisher Phase-Out in the UK: What You Need to Know

July 10, 2024by admin0

Straight Talk on AFFF Extinguisher Phase-Out

Let’s get straight to it: Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), known for its PFAS chemicals, is being phased out across Europe, including the UK. These chemicals are harmful to both humans and the environment, leading to stringent regulations.

What’s Happening?

  1. Past Bans: PFOS has been banned since 2011, and PFOA has faced restrictions since 2020, with a complete phase-out by 2025.
  2. Current Stock: Foam stocks older than three years need a PFOA check. Use is restricted to liquid fires and banned for training.
  3. Upcoming Regulations: The EU plans to ban the production of foams with PFAS by 2023 and their use by 2028.

Impact on the UK

Businesses must plan to transition to fluorine-free foams (F3). This switch requires checking for system compatibility, as factors like viscosity and application rates may need adjustments.

How Safety Inspectors UK Ltd Can Help

Safety Inspectors UK Ltd specializes in navigating these changes. Our team offers comprehensive audits, transition planning, and compliance strategies. For example, we recently helped a car dealership in York transition from AFFF Extinguishers to F3 foam. We conducted an in-depth audit, ensured the new foam’s compatibility with existing systems, and provided training on the new fire suppression methods.

Case Study: Car Dealership in York

A car dealership in York faced the challenge of transitioning from AFFF Extinguishers to F3 foam. Safety Inspectors UK Ltd:

  • Conducted a thorough audit of their existing fire suppression system.
  • Identified necessary adjustments for compatibility with F3 foam.
  • Provided a seamless transition plan and hands-on training for staff.

The dealership now complies with upcoming regulations and boasts a safer, environmentally friendly fire suppression system.

Action Steps

  1. Audit Your Stock: Identify and segregate PFAS-containing foams.
  2. Plan the Switch: Develop a transition strategy to F3 foams, considering system compatibility.
  3. Stay Informed: Keep up with evolving regulations to stay compliant.

Bottom Line

The phase-out of AFFF Extinguisher is inevitable. Get ahead of the curve by preparing your systems and strategies now. Transitioning to safer, fluorine-free alternatives isn’t just regulatory compliance—it’s a step towards a safer environment and workplace.

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