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Low Cost Lone Worker App.

Keep Your Lone Workers Safe and Sound

At Safety Inspectors UK Ltd, we’re obsessed with protecting your team, especially those who brave the field solo. Introducing our Lone Worker Safety App – the ultimate solution to ensure your lone workers are safe, secure, and compliant with health and safety regulations.

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Who Are Lone Workers?

Lone Worker App by Safety Inspectors UK Ltd

Top Features

Real-Time Location Tracking:
Stay in the know with real-time updates on your team’s whereabouts. Track their location effortlessly, ensuring they’re always safe and accounted for.

Instant Duress Alarms:
In a pinch? Employees can activate a panic button discreetly. Our control center and their manager get instant alerts via text and email, complete with the employee’s location for rapid response.

Regular Check-Ins and Alerts:
Keep communication seamless with periodic check-ins and alerts for any missed check-ins or overstayed activities. Never lose track of your team’s safety status.

Seamless Tool Integration:
Our app syncs flawlessly with Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, and other tools you already use, making it easy to manage schedules and appointments.

User-Friendly Interface:
Setup is a breeze! Just install the app on any iOS or Android smartphone. It’s as simple as turning it on and off with the touch of a button.

Zero Upfront Costs:
No hardware, no fuss. Our app is free to install on your employees’ smartphones, keeping it budget-friendly.

Lone Worker App Benefits

Alarm Notification System

If an alarm goes off – whether it’s a panic button press or a missed check-in – our control center and the lone worker’s manager get immediate notifications with the worker’s location. Quick, decisive action when it matters most.

Special Offer

Kickstart your team’s safety with a 30-day free trial. Post-trial, it’s just £3 per month per lone worker. No strings attached – just pure, dependable safety.

Comprehensive Support

We handle the setup, monitoring, and emergency follow-ups. Your team gets the support they need, when they need it, without any hassle.

Why Safety Inspectors UK Ltd?

By choosing our Lone Worker Safety App, you ramp up the security and peace of mind for your lone workers, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and keep your team supported around the clock. Protect what matters most – your people.

Lone Worker Remote Monitoring and Tracking by Safety Inspectors UK Ltd

Protect Your Lone Workers

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