Shaping a Culture of Safety Excellence at SG PETCH: Our Health & Safety Management Journey

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In the heart of England’s North East, SG PETCH stands as a powerhouse in the automotive industry. With 7 sprawling locations and over 11 dealership buildings in Darlington, Durham, Middlesbrough, Southbank, Sunderland, York, and Richmond, their commitment to health and safety shines as brightly as their vehicle line-up. Today, we share how Safety Inspectors UK Ltd enhanced this commitment by revamping their health and safety management.

The Partnership Commences

Our collaboration with SG PETCH kicked off with a detailed audit of existing company policies, risk assessments, and management controls. To empower swift and effective inspections, we rolled out a digital site plan and asset management system. This marked the first step in our intricate backstage operations to elevate the safety standards that SG PETCH proudly upholds.

Adapting to Progressive Change

SG PETCH responded enthusiastically to the new health and safety roadmap, embodying a culture of change from management to floor staff. Their engagement echoed the importance of health and safety within the organisation, making this an inspiring journey of transformation.

Specialised Safety Assessments

To ensure comprehensive safety coverage, we introduced specialist assessments like Fire Risk Assessments, DSEAR Assessments, and Noise Assessments. SG PETCH also demonstrated a proactive stance on safety, undertaking LOLER Inspections and detailed assessments of plant machinery and local exhaust ventilation systems.

Fostering a Proactive Safety Culture

Through our combined efforts, SG PETCH has recorded a remarkable accomplishment of zero accidents or near misses since our involvement. The company’s drive to foster a proactive health and safety culture is tangible, with staff actively addressing safety concerns and contributing to an ever-improving environment.


Our success story with SG PETCH underscores the transformative power of strategic health and safety management. Safety Inspectors UK Ltd takes pride in supporting SG PETCH’s relentless pursuit of safety excellence, strengthening their commitment to safeguarding staff, customers, and business operations.

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