Bridging Health and Safety with Dementia Awareness: Our Collaborative Journey with Stockton Borough Council

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At Safety Inspectors UK Ltd., we are dedicated to creating safe, healthy, and inclusive environments for everyone. In a unique and transformative collaboration with Stockton Borough Council, we undertook a journey to become a dementia-friendly business, weaving this commitment into our broader health and safety ethos.

Understanding Dementia: The Foundation of Inclusive Safety To create an environment that supports all individuals, understanding dementia – a syndrome characterised by memory loss, cognitive decline, and difficulties with tasks and communication – became our initial focus. By educating ourselves on dementia, we aimed to break down barriers and foster understanding, making our clients’ sites more accommodating and safe for everyone.

The Multifaceted Impact of Dementia Our collaboration with Stockton Borough Council illuminated the reality of dementia’s far-reaching effects, far beyond memory loss. We came to appreciate the additional safety considerations necessary for those living with dementia, underscoring the importance of empathetic and responsive health and safety protocols.

Creating a Dementia-Friendly Workplace: Health and Safety Adaptations Building upon our understanding of dementia, we developed a suite of health and safety adaptations to create a more inclusive environment. From clear and simple signage to unobstructed walkways, enhanced lighting, and calm, quiet spaces, these modifications aid in navigation and reduce confusion. Moreover, encouraging employees to complete dementia awareness training has allowed for an environment that is not only physically safe but is also emotionally supportive.

Aids and Prompts by Dementia Friendly Business

Safety Inspectors UK Ltd: An Emblem of Dementia-Inclusive Safety Following our work with Stockton Borough Council, we are proud to have become a recognised dementia-friendly business. This milestone is a testament to our commitment to integrating inclusivity into our health and safety management, ensuring businesses across the North East and UK offer supportive spaces for individuals with dementia.

Ricky Nelson and Mayor Les Patterson - Dementia Friend Accreditation

Conclusion The journey to become a dementia-friendly business has been a profound reminder of the inherent link between health and safety and inclusive practices. The lessons learned have been instrumental in shaping our approach towards creating workplaces that are not only compliant with health and safety standards but also actively promote well-being for all, including those living with dementia.

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